Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Need someone to talk to your students, facilitate an intensive hands-on learning experience or, need a speaker at your next seminar???

Whether on site or on skype  - Are you wanting a speaker at a seminar or conference to inform, talk and/or facilitate sessions on

  • marketing in today’s music industry and doing business within the new paradigm,
  • social networking,
  • imaging, branding, style  - building value and the hype
  • making a career as a songwriter,
  • something related?????????

Then you might want to have a chat with me.

The above sounds a bit dry I know - but we do have a reputation for audience engagement, participation and entertaining, memorable presentations.

So what are some of the areas you might consider.

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Of course, there are variations and related topic areas that can be adapted to your requirements – just ask... but in the meantime, some examples ........

Utilising experience in business, marketing, promotion,

publishing and presentation…..


  • Working your music, interest, business in the new marketing paradigm - its different, but fun if get your head around it
  • Using the great, ever changing technology options to be different and attract attention
  • Driving value => Sales..... How does one link “all roads back to the sale” ....... and when (to have the most return) 
  • Exposure if not good....... is bad!
  • Dont be fooled - most people dont have imagination - if your image amd message dont fly, your business will die ......... and
    a specific example ..........Is the "demo" a thing of the past? It depends but mostly, yes
  • Social networking - personal vs business - difference and sameness  - being aware and being effective
  • Direct vs leveraged income - how can you make an extra 20c or more on every $1 of direct sales

Songwriters – is it possible to make a living from your craft?  YES

  • Do you know the various avenues of revenue generation for the songwriter?
  • What skills, knowledge, equipment, etc are needed to pursue each channel?
  • What is the real potential income and lifestyle if have the basics? And
  • What is needed to get started/have a chance?
  • What can one dream about - and that some are actually achieving
  • How can you use technology to really be out there and doing it? - build the hype

Utilising a number of years as a producer, mixer, mentor and 

adviser ……

For the recording artist or would be, the performance student ...... pre-production preparation and production tips…

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  • What do you want to record? And…. Why do you want to record in the first place?
  • What are the elements that you need to consider before entering the studio (and even booking it)?
  • Have you determined a realistic budget and time line based on a realistic sales/giveaway analysis?
  • How practiced and prepared do you REALLY need to be? And in what way?
  • What studio is going to be right for you?
  • Do you need a producer? What to do if you have one?
  • Do you need separate recording, mixing and mastering people?
  • Do you need to master at all?
  • Once in the studio, what do you need to consider? Timelines, changes, adaptations and allowances
  • Who should be listening, who directing and who should have the final say?
  • Some insider tips


And more  - just ask


News Updates

So on it goes...

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