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Performance Analysis & Development Intensive

Specific to the individual and their need

Whether singer, musician, individual or small group
Beginner to Advanced level accommodated


 No different to many speakers, there are some singers who walk on a stage and

  • technically sing beautifully but fail to entertain, bring the audience with them on the journey
  • don’t sing overly well (or may), but have the audience in the palm of their hand from the first note or emotional phrase


The difference?

 Usually one is just singing/doing it, concentrating so much on the note, the sound, the delivery that …………… the other is entertaining/performing.

And this is just as relevant for the solo or lead musician in a group or other performance arena.

To know the difference, what/how to do and deliver it in a way that will be appropriate for that venue and that audience at that time with that song – to make it special for them, something they will remember and want to see again – that is the craft of performance.

While part of it - it is more than just smiling on a happy song, looking like you are enjoying yourself or similar - and the same principles and base techniques apply almost regardless of genre and style.

Over the six 1 hour sessions (more can be added if felt needed at a discount rate) Ian Pav works with participants in a one-on-one situation - going from a detailed assessment of where you are now, look at any issues and then go through all aspects of the performance space totally individualising the basic principles so they ar tailored for you and your act.

So what is involved?

  • It all starts with an initial overall assessment – current position

    First included in your confirmation email is a questionnaire asking for a fair bit of detail about your music and performance history, training, desires and goals.

    Then - let’s get you up and singing to a track or two in performance mode (or come and see you at a gig) and check out ‘where you are now’. 
    In doing that we will look at - 

    While not a singing lesson/training service, as a vocal coach I like to see that the basics are right (and if not adjusting/suggesting alternatives)
    - proper breathing techniques for sustaining quality tone over a gig & a sustained career
    - vocal tone is coming from a secure base & genre appropriate
    - genre techniques are known or developing
    - etc
    WeI will also be looking at microphone, stance (or seat) positioning. As well as the performance and entertainment factor itself (from material choice, key etc that suits you/helps the audience relate through to ‘selling the song’ and audience engagement, stage use if applicable, etc)

    From that assessment - Ian can firstly determine whether everything is great and I can be of no beneficial assistance at all or we continue to move into the full intensive and I have notes so that I can tailor things specifically to you

After that initial assessment , we kick off into the sessions proper:

'Some' of the areas that will be covered in detail

  1. Microphone technique

    Having a ‘sound guy’ working with you is great but unless rehearsing together and often, he can’t possibly be ready for every rise and fall, ‘moment’ etc - - and in many cases when supplying your own gear there isn’t a sound guy at all. So learning to properly manage your own sound is critical.

    In this sector of the program we start by looking at getting an idea of the right microphone specifically for you (if you have a choice, do you get your own or just use what they have) and being aware of the ‘particulars’ of the main microphones you might come across and the issues that you may need to address as it affects your vocal projection. 

    Then we get into specific microphone technique to suit you
    - addressing the microphone – whether on stand or hand held or both
    - distance to maintain from the microphone for you (usually not swallowing it)
    - positioning for your voice to counter the ‘explosives’
    - proper self-volume control (you can do too much as well as too little)
    - learn to self EQ through the microphone (enhance your tone or adjust for the room you are singing in)
    - learn to properly manage your own sound
    – then based on style and genre, any extra tricks or techniques to add some extra flavour

    Then we will spend a little time taking all that through your own mixer/PA if you have/use one – and setting that up as a ‘base standard’ configuration as a starting point for most gigs
  2. Stage presence and performance

    Whether seated on a stool, standing in a small area in front of a band, or having access to a whole stage – knowing how to do it, being comfortable and especially being ’right’ for the song and the audience is critical.

    Like most of the service offering, this is very individualised and may include a few tweaks or some major rearrangement ideas to practice.
    It could look at
    - posture (both too rigid and too fluid aspects)
    - facial expressions, repetitive actions and mannerisms 
    - engagement with the song (whatever it might be) and the audience
    - thoughts on movement and stillness to enhance moments (even if seated)
    - a couple of examples from some of the best to help sweep the audience along with you
  3. The environment

    With your performance/act in its genre and situation what are some ideas for settings, an environment you can create regardless of the space you are in that allows you to perform, but becomes ‘your space of delivery’
    This can include everything from stage gear to dress - - its all about branding and enhancing the experience
  4. The ‘special things’

    In this session we take specific songs and situations and look at ways to enhance, add a gloss or point of difference to your performance itself to make it even more special for the audience
  5. Do it 

    This session is actually putting it all together in a simulated gig situations. Having brought out and developed the ideas, practiced enough and combined elements together to create your space – its time to line up hall with a few friends and supporters (so a safe suportive environment) - and do it (including video and audio recording – a technique we use throughout the process)

    Then sit down, watch the footage and assess/tweak the little things that need adjusting
  6. Doing it again and from now on

    Having tweaked and with more practice and assessment, tweaking and adjustment – you are by now aware of what you need to work on, what you need to not do and, what you have always done to still do.

    Time to put it together again – for real! This time in a real gig as you will from now on.
    I will be there with you at the bump in, set up, sound check and through the gig to encourage support and have fun (because at a gig you stop thinking and just do what is natural and become ingrained through practice)

The practicals

  • The 6x 1 hour sessions will be run weekly (or over another schedule that is convenient to both) – and be held during weekdays or evenings.
    (weekends not preferred but possible based on availability and discussion)
  • Other than the attendance at gigs - all session will be run in Ian's studio in Rosebud
  • On confirmation of uptake and payment of deposit an email of information, session times (&/or confirming first gig assessment attendance), conditions and the questionnaire – will be sent
  • The fee for this performance intensive is $500.
    This fee includes
    - all sessions
    - hall hire for the simulated gig
    - travel to attend the assessment and final performance gigs as long as they are on the Mornington Peninsula or Melbourne main suburbs
      (anything further than that, and any entrance fees, need to be covered by the participant)
    - all equipment used (other than any of participant’s own gear they wish to incorporate),
    - all materials, notes, correspondence and call costs etc .

    The deposit required to confirm participation is 50% or $250 – the balance is due at the end of Session 1, after the assessment session.

    NOTE: If after the initial assessment section, Ian does not think he can add anything to what you are already doing  - then we will rebate $150 of the deposit paid - and effectively you will have spent $100 to get an external experienced assessment and notes on your current performance technique etc.


 Is it value fo money and worth your investment?   

That's up to you and your view of where you are, where you want to be and if this area is something that needs work.

In truth for some this is probably not worth the investment. THose who can read others writings on technique, adapt, process and easily apply general information to their own circumstances can, and probably are, doing it already.

Having said that - a few thoughts

  • unless you are so self centred that you really dont care about audience engagement - deep down you know whether you are connecting or not with your audiences by their focus and journey with you (or lack of it) - and so be honest in your assessment and decide for you
  • however often it takes someone who has been there and done that, to help you see the issues that the mirror of self perception may have  blinded you too
  • what you dont know, you can't address  - engaging the experience and networks of someone ele can bring years of learning into your situation or leapfrog your position because of it.
    Similarly having an external, experienced, non-invested party provide input and guidance may cut through the fluff and bubble of the 'yes' people and non-industry people that may be around you - a cirtical assessment in itself may be worth it
  • like having an accountant, someone else spending time and energy to research and delve and work with you, gives you more time to to apply yourself to other areas  
  • Financially - the intensive fee is equivalent to 11-15 standard instrument/vocal lessons. You need to decide if the performance intensive could achieve more results, leading to more potential gain for you than extra direct training or what you could do instead by yourself


So...... Sound interesting? Something helpful for you? Sound like it might be of value to your career?
Why not contact Ian and get started - contact


Brief background of Ian Pav for this service offering

  • Formally trained vocalist, personal coach training, choral work and vocal/performance classes at the Sydney conservatorium of Music (in jazz and modern)  - and mentored and faciltated (and friended) by some of the best in the business
  • Many years performance experience - from participation in a variety of choirs & a Capella groups, front singer in own jazz and rock groups, session singer (studio and live) and solo performer.
  • Designer and facilitator of courses at Canberra ANU's CCE and Unity College Canberra
  • Delivered individual beginners guitar and vocal ensemble lessons and coaching, microphone technique etc, over many years.
  • Cert IV TAA, Dip. Music and a B Bus majoring in Marketing
  • More information about Ian’s musical background can be found under the tab ‘Ian Pav’ and subtabs as well as in the production area.


What people say about Ian as a facilitor generally

"We have just arrived home after Amalia won the Grand Final in her division of the “Fast Track”singing competition. We wish to thank you for your invaluable contribution towards her success. Your expertise was so much appreciated in a number of areas including refining our song choices, microphone technique, stage presence, and the recording of her backing track. Your enthusiasm for her goal of winning the competition was confidence building, and ultimately helped her present the very best performance she could on the day. We look forward to working with you in the near future” Kind Regards Rob Foy 2015

"Class participation has been very successful, with Ian's courses having over 50 students during this time; representing close to 450 hours of music tuition. The consistent student numbers over the years is testament to Ian Pav’s teaching style and experience. The professionalism that Ian Pav has demonstrated is highlighted in his willingness to find a suitable replacement presenter for this class since the announcement of his move from Canberra. The Centre prides itself on having quality presenters and Ian Pav has certainly demonstrated this during his time with the Centre." Damien Hughes, Manager CCE, ANU Canberra 2013

"Ian has tutored for the college in Vocal Ensemble and has mentored and assisted students in such musical endeavours as live performances, song writing and recording of albums. In all these areas his ability to encourage and motivate students in the development their craft has been highly evident and appreciated. Ian always prepares for and implements training with a high degree of commitment, responsibility and professionalism. He earns the respect of all students he teaches and has developed great rapport with students and staff alike." Jillian Pryor, Principal, Unity College Australia, Canberra 2013

"I have been taking lessons with Ian for only 3 weeks now and have made more enjoyable progress than in all my previous attempts to learn the guitar. I have previously tried self teach, video lessons and another teacher with no success. Ian has made lessons reachable and enjoyable. I am looking to continuing my lessons and to making more progress than I have ever managed before." Trevor Bull, Rosebud August 2014 

To give value for money and time to analyse and prepare, 
we can only accept a certain number of individuals at any one time. 

There are spaces - but bookings are limited

So if this is of interest to you or someone you know - dont wait too long!
Contact Ian for more details and to book your place before the allocation is full.  Contact















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