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For the business owner j0223768
Maybe you need a corporate theme, a company song to support your brand
or radio ad, a song to align with a product launch?

For the individual -Maybe you have a special event coming up?

One of “those” birthdays? An anniversary? Wedding?  A family member’s success celebration?
Want something special and different ....... .what about a song written just for the occasion?

Imagine a humorous ditty that makes fun of some events in someone’s life, a beautiful ballad that captures the essence of a special relationship, a rocking boogie that people can jump and dance to, an orchestral theme behind pictures of very close memories of a person or trip ........

With 41 years in the music industry as performer, singer, songwriter, producer and composer, Ian Pav of PavMusic could be what you are looking for.

Having written songs in a range of styles (for himself and with others) from ballads to indie pop to film score orchestrations, songs for musical theatre through to telephone on hold and radio jingles - Ian Pav has the experience and skills to write a song and lyrics in most genres/styles bit more importantly, specifically to your situation, fitting the requirement perfectly



  • With the studio facility and network of contacts, your song can be produced as just a demo through to a full commercial or radio ready quality end product - inother words finished to whatever level you want, and time and budget allows.
  • Maybe just a song sheet and quick laydown, perhaps just vocals and guitar, a rock band, utilising some of the exceptional network of artists at our disposal or full orchestral soundscape? 
  • While we have access to male and female singers  If you (or a family member) are a singer and/or play an instrument you could feature (or just be ) in the recording
  • Maybe the special person is the performer? In that event, you could even give the recording element as a gift to a recipient and book them to be the artist on the final version (with just the demo and song sheet provided beforehand) – or give them the gift of the whole process if they also have a desire to be a songwriter.


General Process

  • Its starts with a contact from you to Ian and a discussion about your requirements.
    Then you are asked to complete a Songwriting Fact Form (supplied on inquiry) - maybe another discussion and Ian will come up with a quick sketch composition to be sure he is on track with the brief. Any adjustments can be made and agreement reached 
  • The song will then be finalised as a complete work and a quick MP3 demo supplied for any final tweaks, sign off and finalising the production framework
  • On approval of the demo and parameters, recording and production of the finished work will proceed
  • On completion of production, a low resolution MP3 of the finished work will be supplied for sign off.
  • Once signed off -  the client will receive the finished CD of the single (with artwork or not as required) and a lyric and chord chart of the song as well.

  • How long will this all take? Depending on the size and complexity of the project (how many people need to be involved if any)  - this could all be done in a week, or a month- -so allow time.

Payment Schedule

  • While we don't have a 'schedule of fees' as each case is different - as a guide only, the cost to you could be as little as $200 for something that can be completed in a day  - or much more (as you can imagine if session musicians or professional singers need to be hired)
  • So, after completion of the form and initial discussion –Ian will calculate and submit the fee for the service level required (of both the song writing and the production elements).
  1. On acceptance of that quotation and notification to proceed, a project schedule will be provided and payment of 25% required (payable on invoice). On receipt of that payment work will commence
  2. On approval of the demo (as per stage 2/3 above) a further 30% payment will be required (which will cover the balance of the songwriting component and something towards the production element)
  3. On sign off (stage 4 above) the balance of the payment will be due, receipt of which will trigger delivery of the final product as noted in stage 5 above.

(Note if its a quick easy project, points 2 & 3 may all roll into one within the timeframe)


Of interest? Want to find out more, have a discussion? Get a quote? ........... Contact Ian Pav today



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