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“Change” has become a integral part of today’s music industry.       

It has been my experience that a lot of people in the music industry run their music business in a very haphazard, shot gun, ‘now’ thinking way. They react to changes after it happens - rather than being pro-active and directing their future the way they want.....-

Does this sound like you? Then read on.



“Change” has become a integral part of today’s music industry.

This can be seen in many areas

  • -          Predominance of digital sales over physical sales of product (in most genres) in a decreasing sales market
  • -          With increased affordable data access - the rise of streaming, digital radio and other online listening experiences.
  • -          Marketing and PR - different promotion paths, online and physical and changing trends – getting exposure
  • -          Development of merchandising streams, video links, etc
  • -          Developing gig opportunities that ‘pay’ – including online show portals
  • -          Songwriting trends, the place of the ‘demo’, synch market opportunities, and changing requirements
  • -          And the seeming constant increasing constraints on the chance to financially sustainable into the future while maintaining some work/life balance

Changes (especially in technology and online delivery/services) are occurring so fast that no one can fully predict the future. There are trends that can be understood today – but what the industry will truly look like in 5-10 years is anyone’s guess. This makes it even harder to plan for your future in the business.

It has been my experience that a lot of people in the music industry run their music business in a very haphazard, shot gun, ‘now’ thinking way. They think of something, try it, leave it or try it again, move on to something else, etc . They react to changes after it happens (often not even aware it has happened until it has effected them), or stick to ‘old true and tried ways’ that are not achieving the same results - rather than being pro-active and directing their future the way they want.....-they are not really planning or developing logical strategies for the future at all.

Sound familiar?

The secret to really developing a business that is truly sustainable and remains enjoyable into the future - is to develop a plan that includes

  • -        all aspects of your business needs - now and in the future
  • -        looking at all the analysis and options relating to you and your business specifically (considering your genre and its trends and then specifically your needs, desires, goals within that)
  • -     fiod solutions and paths that fit - look at a planned business activity program to get things done in realistic time frames
  • -        takes into account lifestyle/family balance
  • -        planning all this in a cost effective, sustainable manner that can adapt to changes as they occur in the future with realistic financial costings and time frames
  • -     timetabling specific review, assessment and adjustment sessions to ensure plans remain on track, or adjust, with changes (whether in the industry, society or yourself)

Yes, this sounds like that old, boring thing all advisers have talked to you about in the past – business planning or business coaching - and it is - but maybe with a little twist and specifically relating to those in the music industry.

Some people can do it themselves - some need help. Some just need someone there as a bit of a devil's advocate asking the why/what about questions to trigger thought and action - others need someone being there for them more regularly.


Empower Your Musical Career is our business offering to help our fellow industry participants in these areas where needed.


For a specific clientele
This is not a general service offering to everyone in the music industry – we want to be certain that we can be effective and add value.
So we are offering this service to

  • -          music performers (solo through to bands)
  • -          studios and production houses
  • -          while trending in most genres is understood and can be incorporated – we do not have expertise in traditional rap/areas of EDM outside of lyrical hip hop, or really heavy/trash metal rock. So while general business consideration and advice would be possible, we would suggest genre specific guidance would be restricted in these genres.

Our service will be tailored to you and your needs and to fit time commitments on both sides.

  • Advice may be for a one-off need, ad hoc occasional input or a planned ‘check in’ and assessment service
  • May incorporate a specific aspect solution or detailed planning and strategy development
  • Service delivery will incorporate a combination of communication mediums as required (face to face, skype, email, phone, etc) but all recommendations, advice, etc will be delivered in writing.
  • Service delivery options mean we are not constricted to offering this service only to local artists


Why Ian Pav?

  • 44 years experience in the music industry (part time and full time) from performer to production, mentor
  • Designer and lecturer of accredited courses in Music Industry Business and Event Management
  • Speaker at a number of industry events and conferences. Organiser of the Empower Your Musical Career seminar series
  • 6 years mentoring Bachelor and Master Music students at Excelsia College Sydney. 
  • Engaged to facilitate music business master classes for students at Abbey Road Institute (August 2016)
  • Qualifications in business and trade (B. Bus and Adv Dip. In Export Mgmt) as well as music and other certifications
  • Many years previous experience in general business administration & marketing, management, marketing, trade and event management(more on Ian's background can be seen in the tab and subtabs on the website
  • A reputation for problem solving and solution development with many small business clients and music industry participants in the past
  • Client focussed solutions and options personalised to the individual’s need and circumstances
  • PavMusic and The Production Pit are registered publishers with APRA/AMCOS


What others have said

"We have just arrived home after Amalia won the Grand Final in her division of the “Fast Track”singing competition. We wish to thank you for your invaluable contribution towards her success. Your expertise was so much appreciated in a number of areas including refining our song choices, microphone technique, stage presence, and the recording of her backing track. Your enthusiasm for her goal of winning the competition was confidence building, and ultimately helped her present the very best performance she could on the day. We look forward to working with you in the near future” Kind Regards Rob Foy

"Shout out to Ian Pav! You have amazing music business knowledge and skills!! I recently had a meeting to discuss my career in music industry. I found him to be concise and helpful with his insights and assessment on my assets and businesses thus far. I don't post too much on biz development but he is a goodie too good not to share . I highly recommend him to anyone trying to take their arts career to a new level! Keep up the good work David Dekdrum Kirsner

"Ian has been a wonderful source of music business information and advice and I highly recommend his services to any musicians that want to know more about the business we're in". Andy Firth (Jazz/Classical) Clarinets, saxes, arranger, composer, educator. Australian Artist for: Buffet Crampon Clarinets (France) , Keilwerth Saxophones (Germany), D’Addario (USA), Lomax Classic (USA), MakeMusic (“Finale” notation software) (USA)

“Ian Pav has extensive music industry experience and a deep well of knowledge and wisdom, from which I have gained much insight into the maze of challenges which this industry presents. Ian has created many opportunities to expand my airplay exposure both nationally and internationally, as well as opening doors for high-profile performances and for genuine digital and physical product distribution. Ian is a true friend and a wonderful encouragement to my career.Andy Vance (Christian Jazz Pianist, composer, recording artist, band leader, educator and twice nominated for an Aria Award)

"I just wanted to thank Ian Pav ,for his advice and expertise in matters regarding to production contracts covering a wide range of topics all that will help in my future business plan. I have no problem recommending Ian" Robert John Sedky, composer, songwriter, producer Melbourne

"I came to PavMusic when I started my music career - Ian shed much needed light on the music industry through mentoring and recording my first EP. After working with Ian I walked away with a clear vision, a top quality recording and the tools to succeed with my music." Guyy Lilleyman, Aust National Busking champion 2013, Blues/Roots award winner MAMMA's 2013

"Ian Pav has been a godsend to work with. His experience in the industry and communication are amazing, and being very new to the industry myself, nothing I have asked has been too much trouble. I have enjoyed both working with him and getting to know him and would class him as a genuine, all-round nice guy." Derryth Nash, Canberra


 Also there are references from institutions where Ian has lectured that can be supplied on request where appropriate.


Want to know more, arrange an initial discussion, see options or -please contact Ian initially by email at - empoweryourmusicalcareer @ gmail dot com- with the subject line ‘music business inquiry' (just in case caught in our spam filter) and we will make contact within 36 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: Ian is not a qualified accountant, stockbroker nor solicitor - detailed tax planning, specific investment advice or legal advice and actions, need to be handled by qualified practictioners in their fields. This service is a mentoring offering to help those in the music industry understand the industry, their business and how to move it forward and grow to achieve (as much as possible) their music industry goals and desires.