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PavMusic Studios with Ian Pav as Producer

The PavMusic studio "The Production Pit" has been established to provide a working environment for Ian Pav that is comfortable, familiar and provides a trusted space to achieve the best results he can for a client.

A lot of resources have gone into making this studio & its resources what it is.

  • multitaskingThe studio has been professionally designed and built with quality materials and to a high level of specification. It not only looks good, it sounds good and feels right.
  • The studio encorporates an acoustically sound control area for analysis, arranging, composing, editing or mixing with a vocal/instrument room to record individuals, over-dubbing or multi-tracking when needed.
  • The surrounding grounds provide an environment that is conducive to assisting the creative flow while peaceful and private. (if of interest a photo diary of the studio build can be seen over at Studio Build).

The Resource Network - On top of the Production Pit studio, Ian has

  • Access to a couple of auditoriums in the local area that can be set up as temporary 'Studio A' size set ups 
    For group, band, choir or 'live' recording feel - these options allow him to track anything from a blues band 'all in' to a small orchestra or jazz band (whether overdubbing leads and vocals later or not) with files brought back to The Production Pit to work on. We also have arrangements with a number of other studios and facilties where there may be a specific bit of gear needed (such as a large grand piano) or other specific reason.
  • A remote recording setup allowing us to capture a live gig or go on location, if required fora project
  • As well as Ian's own talents as vocalist, arranger, sound designer, multi-instrumentalist ...he has access to a wide network of top level musicians and singers (whether in studios or thru the RMS) for clients projects (and at surprisingly good rates).  Obviously guitarists, pianists, singers and similar can be sourced pretty easily, but even finding those with the right genre skills to suit your project can be a hassle (no artist can do all styles at the same level) ...and what if you need a sousaphone, Uileann pipes, bodhran, harp or ????  Not just because you can..but because its needed- that's the goal and the purpose of our network and the network's network - satisfying the need within the project to give it that exponential edge.
  • And as part of the overall set up - The Musicians Retreat BnB can provide accommodation if available at reaosnable rates (

But, while a studio is a very nice and 'known' place to have and work in -  is just a place!  Like the gear, instruments, software or networks we can draw on ----- they are all just a part of the tools that allow us to do our job and give you results that meet, and often exceed, expectations.  

In the end it comes down to the person -  their knowledge and also their experience, their talents, vision and ears -  and what they can do for you. 

Our main production service utilises Ian's skills as a producer for your project and the studio (and network for specific areas such as recording, mixing and/or editing your project if requested and it 'fits').


me at deskWhat does a producer do and how can they help you?

First, a good producer takes a personal interest in you and your project. They become your partner to help bring the dream into reality and help keep things on track, so your material is presented in the best possible way to achieve your goals.

  • Do you need help taking your initial song ideas and turning them into a professional sounding final product?
  • Do you need someone to just come in now and again to give you honest comments and advice?
  • Someone who can help source and coordinate the musicians or studio/engineer (if they are not doing that aspect as well)?
  • Someone to work with you, push you until you have given your best?
  • Or do you want someone with your best interests at heart to take charge through the entire recording process, allowing you to ‘do what you do best’? 

Secondly, a good producer should be able to see the 'end product', hear the final song or concept, probably recognise the 'hit single' or crowd pleaser as production develops, see the alignment of music and career - and be willing to move the project and the artists towards that vision
Sometimes the most useful thing a producer can do is help choose which songs will comprise the album (and which aren’t ready), and an independent ear as to their arrangement.

As part of that, potential clients shouldn't expect a 'yes man' working for them - Ian believes that a good producer keeps things 'real' and is willing, and should, provide constructive comment when things don't seem to be progressing in the right direction.

Ian Pav - Producer

Ian PavIan Pav is an ‘old skool’ producer, passionate about helping clients achieve the best they possibly can. Drawing on:

  • 39 years in the music industry and business - having been full time for many of them.
  • his experience - including as performer and band leader, chorister, vocalist, composer & arranger, sound designer, multi instrumentalist, lecturer and facilitator
  • the resources he has on tap in his studio and the extensive networks around the world

Ian can help in the planning, production or other areas of a project or a career path.

Ian says "My main aim in all cases is to help bring idea, vision, dream, message in a work into reality (in a way that's accetable to intended recipients and the end purpose)"

There are times when a producer needs to be genre specific ...but there are also times when a producer needs to mix the emotion and feeling in the track rather than the genre.

Ian says "The art is in looking at my own interpretation of the emotion I find something that is universal in its appeal. At times this can mean feeling the message even more than what is being actually said. When emotion hits music properly – effectiveness is exponential. Understanding what the song is about to start with but then working outside the genre, working purely with a goal to make the listener feel something freedom – allowing me to work in almost any genre, any song, any language – anywhere."

So whatever you situation or location need - Ian and PavMusic can probably assist.


And we have an Online Mixing Service for those who can record their instruments and vocals but need some assistance in the mix/post production - check it out HERE


Production Group

So how does it work?

It’s easy!  Contact us!!!

It could start by you sending us a guide track and a short brief on what you want or, giving us a call to chat or arranging to chat over Skype or over a coffee (if on the Peninsula, Melbourne). 
As we can take you from the start to finish of your project, overseeing and arranging everything ...or just help you with particular elements – wen we start by discussing your project, the requirements and the level of our involvement will naturally flow.

We will then scope it out, work out what is involved, select the appropriate team if needed and submit a written project brief and costing. Once you have agreed to proceed – we work with you in pre-production while gathering everything together (for example it will take time to book in session muso’s, an ancillary production team, specific need facilities or locations, etc) - or we can lock dates in the diary and off we go.

Communication is an important element of our relationship with clients and we use current technology to keep you informed about the status, the next steps and hear the various elements as they come together – even if you are across the world from us.

All leading to a simple, seamless single point of contact for you – peace of mind knowing that you have a professional team working behind the scenes to bring your project to fruition.


For more information or, to discuss your requirements, please contact us.


As already noted, "Production" can incorporate everything from pre-production to mastering to bring your song, EP or album to fruition and an appropriate final result.  So your 'spend' can vary based on the extent of involvement in, and the extent within, the project itself

Our rates are based on time invested - however our motto is "whatever it takes" and all our clients are assured of getting 'bang for their buck'.

IF all parameters are known, we MAY quote a 'job rate' to help people budget their overall spend  - but this requires clients to have a very good understanding of their needs, budget and be realistic with their end product goals within that. For example  consider a full commercial quality production as the end result of a project .............
- if a couple of really competent session players are involved each would be $150-250 per song, 
- mastering is $90-150 per song, 
- there may be the possible need of extra studio hire for specific need (eg. grand piano, harp, real string or brass  section), 
- there is possibly of help with pre-production,  arrangement etc. ..or a separate mixing engineer might be appropriate.....

So you can see that is is very easy when looking at that level of desired outcome - for $800, 1000 or significantly more per song to be the required spend...but again that is the full package to compete at the highest level of end product. 

If that's not your budget, that's fine and we would still very much love to work with you but you must be realistic about what can be achieved within the finances you have. A budget of a few thousand dollars for an album may mean compromises. While end product quality shouldn't be compromised (unless specifically going for 'demo' level) other compromises may be needed .. For example,  maybe arrangements need to be cut back or use more virtual instrumentation,  call in favours from friends, etc.

However, at the other end a well rehearsed singer/songwriter with guitar may get everything down in 1-2 takes and with mixing the cost may only be a couple of hundred - - so it just depends.

We do occasionally do 'specials', have discounts at times (check out current deals under our Promotions tab) and do some concessional work for special causes. don't be afraid to ask.


Whether a demo, utilising Ian Pav as your project producer, online mixing requests or more,
give us a call and have a chat.


Samples of some of the projects to date can be viewed and listened to over at the Production Gallery page   - just click HERE 
Some of Ian's collabs and compositions (mainly for the sync market area) can also be seen over on our ReverbNation page HERE


We also have an Online Mixing Service for those who can record their instruments and vocals but need some assistance in the mix/post production - check it out HERE


What people are saying 

"I have been a recording song writer/musician for over 30 years. With the digital studios there are now many, many good studio engineers out there that can record and pull a good sound. Ian is certainly one of them, with years of varied project experience. The thing that makes him stand out is his work as a producer... willing to hear a song and its' potential, rather than just recording what the artist brings to the table. He invests in his projects, and sometimes it is hard to remember he isn't a part of the band. That care factor is crucial for me and my projects. Thanks Ian for the work so far, and looking forward to the songs we have yet to record." Michael Woodrow (Shinbone STar, Centreville, The 50 Project)

"It was a real treat to work with Ian. He has the ability to hear the layers not yet heard and produce it! I felt comfortable and supported as an artist and am looking forward to working with him in the future!" Monique Reeves, Sydney

"On the three occasions we have recorded with him, Ian has made the recording process smooth, enjoyable and easy. From the minute he greeted us with a warm smile, to receiving our high quality recordings, he has been in great communication, and a great mentor. Paired with the high quality set up and his vast experience, Ian let's you take the recording process at your own pace, and does not provide any judgements, making for a truly valuable session. We are very much looking forward to working with Ian again."  Brooke & Harry, Duo from the Mornington Peninsula

 "I loved the production Pavmusic created around my songs. It is so exciting to hear a song you have written on your guitar, take shape into a full piece of music." Derryth Nash, Canberra

"In 2015/16, I had the pleasure of working with Ian Pav as he helped me to record a series of Guided Meditations for my website. Prior to meeting Ian, I had never stepped inside a recording studio before. However, Ian was very professional and made me feel very comfortable, which helped me to relax into the creative process. His work ethic is amazing and he is old school in terms of how he treats you as a person. Ian is an absolute delight to work with as he is very patient and efficient and he has a healthy sense of humour as well. I highly recommend Ian to anyone who is looking for a Music Producer/Sound Editor or Music Mentor. He is just a gem. Thanks Ian." Dalene Knowles. Healthy Minds Holistic Services

"Hey Ian, just wanted to say that it was a pleasure working with you on my song Getaway.
I had a great time recording in your studio and I'm really happy with the resulting production. Would definitely work with Pavmusic again. You've been a great mentor by giving me great advice. All the best"
 Shania Mayer xo

"We are so pleased with the professionalism you have shown in this project of recording my husband playing his beloved Steinway. It has been amazing to watch Peter as he has listened to the recordings as I can see him finally realise how well he plays.  Although he tries to give the piano all of the credit!
Peter is a perfectionist and I think you have been a good match for him as your work and attention to detail has been exceptional. Thank you from us both and hopefully from our family and friends who will now have access to Peter's music whenever they want it. A great legacy I think."  D.C. McCrae