Saturday, November 26, 2022

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Can you record your music but your mixes just don’t seem to get there?

A lot of people today can record very reasonable clean tracks but do not have the knowledge, experience or gear to turn those recordings into a quality competitive mix.

If this is your situation – we can help.
As an extension of our normal production services, and utilising dropbox, transmission & other facilities – PavMusic is offering a very reasonably priced ......

Online Mixing service.

If you can record the tracks -
we can mix them to high demo or even commercial level in most genres -
From as little as $200*

Contact us today!


Sure recording in a professionally designed and treated studio is obviously a preferred option for most. But budgets, time, etc often mean that's not an option. Further with today's access to technology, in reality, a lot of musicians and songwriters can get good to great recordings of their vocie and/or instruments in their home, rehearsal space, through a friend or, even tracking a live gig out of the desk.

The issue arises for most, in turning those crisp clear recordings into a mixed final product that will compete commercially in the marketplace, on radio, streaming, etc.


This is where PavMusic's Online Mixing Service can be of service to you..


How does it work?

  • Before any obligation is incurred, we will get you to email us with a list of what you have and want. We will get you to attach 2 sample mp3’s of your tracking (say an edited vocal and an instrument) so we can check cleanliness (lack of noise, sound levels etc) ..and include reference to a realistic 'to sound like' comparison.
  • We will come back to you within 24 hours with options if possible, thoughts on effects, positioning etc, a detailed quote and time limit.  
  • If agreed, you then dropbox the full resolution wav files (or project file if using Pro Tools, Reaper or Sonar), transfer 25% of the agreed fee & off we go.
  • Once mixed we send you a low res mp3 sample (there is one revision included).
  • Once signed off, balance of funds are required and once cleared, full resolution tracks are dropboxed securely for you to download.

    * Note: the maximum fee that may be quoted will usually be no more than $400 for complex mixes unless significant extra work prior to mixing is required (such as a lot of editing, pitch correction, timing issue correction etc - obviously the more you can edit, tidy up the files the less time & therefore cost is involved at our end).
  • _________________________________________________________________________________
  • "Ian Pav is one of the best engineers and mixers there is! I was blown away by his mixing skills and the small adjustments I required were easily sorted through email. Whether its Blues, Reggae, Latin, Funk or Rock! It doesnt make a difference, Ian will nail the mix! Not only does Ian make the music sound better sonically, but he also makes it his mission to give you the mix you're trying to achieve. I cannot recommend his work enough for any project, any genre."     J. Gregory - Guitarist, Keyboardist, Songwriter


  • Ian has the experience and success as a producer to hear things in a recording that many would miss, and offer constructive advice on making them more listenable and closer to what your market would like to hear."       Chris Ball (singer/songwriter/guitarist)



Perhaps you have got the gear and are trying mixing for yourself - Would it help to have a set of experienced pair of ears and instruments checking out your mixes and offer input?

For that you require PavMusic’s Mix Assessment Service.

For as little as $100 per song, we can offer you..
multiple pass listens
overall opinion
specific suggestions/areas to consider if any (with ideas and solutions to consider)

Contact us today to find out more!



Note: if needed (or desired) to compliment your existing recordings, we can organise a range of top quality instrumentalists (virtual and real) &/or vocalists to lay down recordings for your project (additional fees are usually between $150-250 per song). We can also refer or arrange your mixes to go to commercial mastering houses if that option is of interest.