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Some Projects

Just some samples of some of the projects that have come through the studio to give prospective clients an indication of the scope of work we do
(Note: all audio samples are low resolution MP3s)


"Bad Bad World" Fidly Blues  - blues

Really nice recordings from an Orlando based production studio for this 4 track EP of Michael's and Fiddly Blues
Composite sample of some of the tracks on this EP



"Disco Time" James Gregory online mix client - retro disco/funk

Great fun instrumental EP project from one of our return online mix service clients.
Composite sample of some of the tracks on this EP



Love Match - the Musical

A number of people have been asking to hear some samples of the music for the 16 songs composed for this musical for UK playwright Robin Hawdon. While we are waiting for vocalists to record for the sales package CD - for the interim, here are 2 composite groupings with 20-40 second grabs of the instrumental guides to the songs in both acts to satifsy that interest. From the heavy rock, to swing, to calssic musical feel  - all instrumention for guides done here at The Production Pit (complete mixing and production after vocals recorded) - and was a lot of fun.




Joe Ansalvish (LA) - Its Alright Its OK (single)

Good fun rollicking light rock number from this LA based musician - vocals recorded while here, all instruments done at The Production Pit


James Gregory - Aguas Costeras

Another great instrumental EP by one of our online mix clients James to be released June 2017
(composite snipet of 6 songs in the first sample and 7th in second)





Shinbone STar

A great album of original blues songs by this Melbourne based band album release end of March 2017

(composite snipet of each song in the 2 samples)





A great 5 song Indie Pop EP project

(composite snipet of each song in the sample)



Sarah Frances Johnston

A great CD of covers in the unique style of this talented singer.
Recording done just before her move back to the US on a 4 night/week contract to entertain in the main restaurant of one o the casinos in Cinncinati

Album in pressing as of March - sample is a snippet rom 4 of the18 songs on the CD




Online Mixing Client James Gregory Music - instrumental EP (flavours/influences from rumba to rock)

30-50 sec samples of each track 




  • Ongomoniqueing Sync Stable  co-write/remix arrangement with Monique Reeves- 
  • Taking some elements of her songs from her previous EP and other contributions 
     and working up for opportunities in the sync market.

  • '  
  • Dark Gate' first track off the line  - think battle scene, marching to war, travel across barren lanscapes
  • 'Fire'  - while the start is a fire storm the indie pop feel of the track opens up a few possibilities
  • 'Curtain Falls'  - another track in the ongoing arrangement - think macabre clown scene or similar  

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 'Enjoy Every Moment'  - Sound track of a promotional video for Frankston Council - composition, recording, programming and production by Ian Pav. Featuring the great vocals of Tiana V with contribution by the Mornington Peninsula Chorale   - see the video here 

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • The instrumental of a nice indie pop piece that we orchestrated and did all production on other than guitars by the incredible David Holmes again (original song part of a compilation EP out now and track already used as part of another video sound track) to help awareness about one of our local charities  - video can be seen here 


excelsia horizons


Tim Moxey (for Downunder Label Group)


Tim Moxey (ex The Voice series 2) has a wonderful voice that can soar to truly dizzy heights.

This CD project was a producer's dream with a budget that allowed arrangements, musicians and facilities to be utilised that could really compliment the songs and the artist.













  • Winning singles of 2 of the 2015 Voice of Frankston Division Winners  - Brooke Miller and Paul Dillon resectively - both original songs



           brooke                                         paul d


Fox de Roche

10419993 776660319067491 5462019450732711166 nThis young winner of the Junior category for the 2014 Voice of Frankston is an amazing talent - now 16 he is an old music soul in a young body.

Fox plays piano, drums, guitar, sings and writes! At 13 egads!

Fox wrote his winners single, played guitar and djembe as well as sang on the recording - all in 1-2 takes.

Watch out for the name, he is going far!






Dalene - Meditation tracks

With 14 year exerience in meditation and related areas - this is Dalene's first foray into online meditations for sale. This first bundle of 15 meditations 32-48 minutes long each was an enjoyable project to work on. Compared to a lot of the competition we listened to, Dalene is much more expressive and assistive for the listener and the effects and tracks help take the listener on their journey. Here is a short sample of some of the tracks





Guyy Lilleyman

guyy   A bit of John Butler, a bit of Pink Floyd, rootsy/folky/urban  - unique and good - this is Guyy and this is his inqugural EP  
  "Extended Play"    Based in Canberra and now gigging extensively, Guyy will be someone to keep an eye on as his career
   takes off.    Very please to have been producer on this one.

The little 4 minute composite gives you a brief insight into the 4 tracks on the EP - now available via Guyy's website
   or iTunes..





Benjamin James Eastwood - Folk story teller

 A great project of songs from this unique songwriter, performer and artist. All mixing to pre-master stage completed July 2011.  
 With influences such as Angus and Julie Stone, Mumford & Sons through to Cat Stevens and others - this is a songwriter going places -  look out for this guy now based on the south coast of NSW.
 The 8 minute MP3 is made up of selected samples of the tracks on the album - now available for digital download from CDBaby and  iTunes. 





A great fun gypsy jazz track

janine  Just love the gypsy jazz, thanks Janine-Anne for allowing me to expand the horizons

  Giving the whole instrumental version for your listening.




 A few of singles

Neil Wise, TC Coombes, Derryth Nash Three singer/songwriterss where we had the pleasure or doing single song projects for.
 Neil Wise from Victoria - folk/roots; TC Coombes, Helensburg NSW - Worship; Derryth Nash, Canberra -
 ballad/message song.

The little composite below gives you a small insight into the song and style of each.



James Ebdon

ebdon A wonderful enspiring collection of songs from this new Christian songwriter. For James, there was a lot to do with the experience of
 the project itself as well as the final result of course. Being able to record on the C9S piano at James Morrison's studio; have Marcus
 Peter Holden involved in the string parts or Nathan Eschman on some of the guitars; be there recording the 50 piece Gospel Folk Choir
 for one song; the hip hop track for Hand or the jazz feel in Sixteen - all became experiences and part of the story behind this great
 CD. I know that these songs will touch lives and it was a priviledge to be part of this project. 
The 7 minute MP3 takes you on a short journey and gives a small peak into each of the tracks on this project. The CD is available from CDBaby, iTunes and James Ebdon's website in hardcopy and digital download. 




 Previous Projects

The MP3 below, while not a complete list (and a compressed mp3 to help with space), provides a small selection of just over 5 minutes selected from a variety of the projects (whether direct or in collaboration) undertaken by PavMusic Studios in the last few of years up to 2010.

Production samples


Studio Production samples


Other Project Pics