Saturday, November 26, 2022

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PavMusic Production Rates

"Production" can incorporate everything from pre-production to mastering to bring your song, EP or album to fruition and an appropriate final result.

Our rates are based on time invested - however our motto is "whatever it takes" and all our clients are assured of getting 'bang for their buck'.

So whether a demo, utilising Ian Pav as your project producer, online mixing requests or more, why not check out what we may be able to do for you


While we do specials, have discounts at times (check out current deals under our Promotions tab) and do some concessional work for special causes...below will give you an indication of our standard rates. 

For productionProduction Group

  • One off 1 hour                                                                                                                         $200 
    (lets be serious, it's never just an hour there is always preparation and follow up
    ...and always gaps between short appointments so unbillable time )
  • Half day                                                                                                                                   $400
    (basically rate drops to $100 per hour equivalent for min 4 hrs)
  • Full day bookings     (8-10 hours or equivalent in blocks   - equalting to $62.50 per hour     $500
    ($1000 per day if using someone elses studio and incorporating that into my fee)

 But again these are just an indicative guide - as deals may be done and if all prameters are known, we will quote a 'job rate' to help people budget their overall spend  - but this requires clients to have a very good understanding of their needs, budget and be realistic with their end product goals within that.

For example  consider a full commercial quality production as the end result of a project.
- if a couple of really competent session players are involved each would be $150-250 per song,
- mastering is $90-150 per song,
- there may be the possible need of extra studio hire for specific need (eg. grand piano, harp, real string or brass  section),
- there is possibly a producer helping with preproduction,  arrangement etc. ..or a separate mixing engineer might be appropriate.....
So you can see that is is very easy when looking at that level of desired outcome - for $800, 1000 or significantly more per song to be the required spend...but again that is the full package to compete at the highest level of end product.

By the way - To book Ian purely in the capacity of your producer overriding the whole project with other studios, engineers, is $120 per hour

Rates for other service areas such as song composition, co-writing, sound design, etc can be discussed based on need parameters.


# If time blocks booked is looking to go over more than 4 days we do offer a 20% discount on the day rate above
# We are now offering a 10% reduction of the agreed fee if  transfer of equivalent value (on the day) of #BTC or #ETH is the payment method


Payment Methods

Payment and terms will be contained in the invoice generated after initial discussions and agreement to proceed.

Payment can be made via
- EFT to our nominated bank account
- Mastercard or Visa through our ancillary business merchant facilities (at this time we will absorb any merchant fees)
- OR as noted transfer of equivalent value (on the day) of #BTC or #ETH in the normal manner 

So how does it work?

It’s easy!  Contact us to discuss your situation and proposed project requirements!  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


 For more information and to discuss your requirements contact us.