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PavMusic Studios with Ian Pav as Producer

The PavMusic studio "The Production Pit" has been established to provide a working environment for Ian Pav that is comfortable, familiar and provides a trusted space to achieve the best results he can for a client.

Event Management Background

Ian has an extensive history in event management over many years.
He has a reputation for not only being able to concept, frame and develop an event or project to maximise outcomes, but also for putting it into effect (getting the job done) professionally and with attention to detail and process.

the list, with numerous functions, seminars, information days, sales and product launches etc for various organisations in various roles and organising many gigs and special events along the way - is too extensive to list in detail– but a few examples include:

Large Events

  • Musical Director Mornington WInter Jazz Festical 2016 and lead act organiser for 2015
  • District Exhibit Displays and Events at the Sydney Royal Easter Show – 2003-2006
  • National Gospel Happening ACT – on ground festival director 2005 coordinating over 5 venues
  • Canberra Royal Show  - camping manager 2006 managing over 1200 camping requirements


  • ACL Fundraising dinners – coordinating dinners from 40-400 in various states

Multi-Artists events

  • Karios Outside benefit concerts (click on the links to view the flyers)
    check out one of the flyers here 
  • 1 WAY FM radiothon open day concert 2006 & 2010
  • Wesley Institute/Excelsia College Sydney Student Showcases and Industry Greet & Meets 2011 - 2015

 Organised Seminars

  • Empower Your Musical Career 1 Day Seminar 2011 and 2012
  • TSA Songwriting Workshop 2012

Gigs, Artist Support

  • RAS Art Preview entertainment and dinner entertainment for Awards night 
  • Blackstump 2009 - artist support
  • Transit jazz booking for entertainment in various Brisbane venues over 3 day period
  • Andy Vance (jazz pianist) various events, internet facilities etc
  • Carter & Carter Country Gospel Show brought to Canberra 2012
  • CD combined launch Susanna O'Leary and Rebecca Henry
  • CD launches in Sydney and Canberra for TJ James
  • Advice and assistance on specific areas for a number of artists to help with their events


  • Restoration compilation CD raising funds for Asian tsunami victims

    Draw the Line compilation CD raising funds (for 3 organisations) and awareness of the need to protect nurture and develop our youth 

    DTL CDRestoration CD









Do you find all those around you -

  • Tell you how they like your music or production but can’t help you take it to the next level
  • Don’t want to ‘hurt’ you by offering anything other than ‘wow’, ‘great’ and provide positive support but not constructive criticism or ideas needed to improve the piece
  • Maybe don’t have the knowledge to suggest alternative instrumentation, tempo or, a complete rework of the song

Ian Pav has been finding an increasing amount of people coming to him for advice and assessment just for this reason – they value having someone listen to their song, arrangement/instrumentation concept or demo, and provide honest opinion, thought and ideas.

Whether independent of any involvement in the production process or part of a full service package, Ian can listen to your work (from rough draft through to full demo), gain understanding of your intent and the message within it – and give you feedback and directions you can consider to develop it further.

Ian’s song assessment brief can include

  • The commercial potential or impact of the piece
  • Overview thoughts and ideas for further development
  • Detailed breakdown into arrangement, instrumentation, feel etc
  • and more, depending what is required

As diverse as Ian's experience over many musical styles, so this service can encompass input on a myriad of genres (really any other than traditional/old style rap, metal or trance/dance).

In essence you tap into the knowledge and advice from an experienced producer without employing him for the total job.

What some clients say:

"As an emerging artist I have found the song assessment service a very usual tool in helping me know which songs have the most appeal and who could be my target audience.   Ian’s honest feedback brought light to areas of my songwriting which I had not considered as strengths and also consolidated aspects of my compositions which I had questioned.   This unbiased feedback is very difficult to receive from friends and family who in my opinion cannot be objective and is next to impossible to receive from other music representatives of Ian’s calibre who will not take the time to critique your work"
Susanna O'Leary (singer/songwriter, music teacher)

"I sent a few demo's through to Ian to seek his true and honest opinion on the recordings while at tracking stage. Ian's comments and advice on what he thought help shape the great album we have today. It is so important for musicians to get a third party like Ian from Pav Music to assess and critique thier work. We have learnt over the years that input and proper advice from industry professionals like Ian is invaluable to making good decisions in regards to your work, and more importantly a great result."
Jake Gilroy (Forever Road)

"I have been recording, writing and performing music for over 5 years and I was looking for someone who could give me the insight to take my songs to the next level. Ian definitely delivered by providing a very comprehensive and detailed assessment of one of my latest recordings including constructive feedback in areas such as vocal performance, song structure, instrumentation, dynamics and production with specific reference to similar songs by other artists that are already commercially successful. Ian will tell you what you need to hear and provide insight on how to improve the commercial viability of your music."
Chris Ball (singer/songwriter/guitarist)



Song Assessment Service options can range from:



Quick Listen  Level       

Quick chat about the song.
1-2 listens max.
Overview rough opinion and thought by email.

through to


Fully Detailed Assessment

Detailed discussions about background of song and intent.
Multiple listens.
Contemplation on all aspects and elements of the song and positioning the elements in relation to the songs purpose and goal.
Detailed analysis of song form, arrangement and flow.
Detailed analysis of instrumentation (and use) with thoughts on additions, changes, movement etc if felt needed.
Production analysis if requested.
Full report prepared.

EP Assessment

As per level agreed for 6-8 tracks on an EP.

Album Assessment

As per level agreed 8-15 songs.

Indicative pricing on the above levels range from $80 to $400 - but each project is different and a quick contact/listen will avail you of a firm quote.
Assessment levels in between the two noted above is possible based on what will be included/excluded from assessment as required by the client.
All information offered and suggested is confidential, not shared with anyone other than the client. All files are secure with no other person or group having access.
There are discounts for clients who utilise the service as part of a regular ‘retained’ mentoring service and all the above is obviously included when Ian is contracted to produce a client’s body of work.


All rights, royalties of a recording of published works are covered under Copyright laws. Any desire to record another person's copyrighted work (ie. not in ‘public domain’ or an original work) requires investigation with the appropriate royalty collection organisation to obtain clearance and pay the appropriate royalty/use fee or, get approval from the copyright holder especially if there is to be any alteration to the published work.

This approval needs to be in place before you proceed to far into the recording process. The cost is not onerous but necessary.

There are special arrangements for certain groups or purposes. For example, all Government schools in Australia are covered by a specific AMCOS/ARIA license. Schools that are members of the Association of Independent Schools, Catholic Education Office or some other peak education body that as an agreement in place with AMCOS/ARIA, may elect to be covered by the license

There are a number of organisations who look after the rights and collect royalties on behalf of songwriters and publishers. Probably the main organisation working on behalf of composers, songwriters and publishers in relation to sound recordings in Australia/New Zealand is APRA/AMCOS (performing and mechanical rights).

As well as CD/music for songs, music used in DVD’s, business, film, festivals and other uses may be covered under this or different organisations. For example in Australia, music for cafes, etc may need payment to AMCOS, PPCA or similar.

Then there are specific cases such as for church, worship and religious related music where there are again organisations such as CCLI that need to be investigated.

Our Position

Before any work is commenced for a client, it is expected that the client will have ensured that approval or royalty clearance has been arranged on any relevant works and proof of such can be provided.






PavMusic Studio Gear list

As we always say - "it's not just the gear, but what you can do with it". The proof is in the finshed product.
We have supplied the list below after a number of requests and to save constant emails. It will be updated as needed.
Please note:
Remember we also have access to a number of studios and facilities around the country that we utilise when appropriate for a client's project.
As well as the items listed below we have an extensive network of associates and can basically get in almost any bit of gear needed for a specific client's purpose if it will enhance the recording.


  • MiLab VIP 50
  • Miktek C7
  • SE Z3300A
  • Rhodes M3
  • Shure 57 multiple
  • Shure 58 multiple
  • Miktek C5 matched pair
  • Behringer C2 matched pair
  • Numerous other assorted


  • Gibson E335 ‘Lucille’
  • Blueridge solid body Parlour
  • Aria AC25CE cutaway nylon
  • Epiphone electric
  • Takamine  D series semi acoustic
  • Ibanez EWB20 semiacoustic bass
  • Ibanez Elelctric bass
  • Yamaha Guitarlele

Hardware guitar effects/pedals

  • Zoom B1 bass effects pedal
  • Line 6 Echo Park delay pedal
  • Boss GT-5 guitar effects processor

Other instruments

  • Clavinova electric piano
  • Midi keyboards
    - Edirol PCR300
    - M-Audio keystation (88 key)
  • Pearl copy basic 9 piece drum kit
  • Violin
  • Piano Accordian
  • Flute
  • Recorders
  • Irish whistles
  • Pan pipes
  • Bush sax (in blues E scale)
  • Cajon
  • Multiple key harmonicas
  • Extensive range of  percussion instruments • 

Audio interfaces

  • Focusrite Pro 40
  • SME EP84


  • Sebatron vmp-2000e dual Tube Mic pre and DI
  • UA twin 710 finity
  • SE TB202 twin

Outboard Effects

  • BBE 320 sonic maximiser noise reduction
  • Alesis dual compressor and gate
  • Alesis reverb unit


  • KRK Rokit 6 
  • Adams A7X
  • Yamaha NS-45

Midi Controllers

  • BCF 2000
  • Midi Keyboards
    - Edirol PCR300
    - M'Audio keystation (88 key)

Studio Computer

  • Project X Series : PXS-6000 Intel Xeon E5 Hexacore – 3.20 GHZ Intel X79 Chipset Motherboard Heatpipe CPU Cooler 2 x Nvidia Quadro NVS 300 Video Card Drives: 1 x 180GB SSD, 3 x 1 TB SATA III/ 7200 RPM HD 120 GB PC12800-XMS DDR3 RAM  Running 64 bit windows

Mobile Recording

  • 1 X MS 4000-15 laptop 16 GB DDR3 RAM,  1xSSD , 1x1 TB HD - woth Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 interface
  • Zoom H4N


  • Cakewalk Sonar Platinum
  • Pro Tools 10 & 11
  • Cubase 7
  • Cockos Reaper
  • Additional assistance for songwriting and music creation
    - Jamdeck
    - Musiclab
    - many other small programs


  • Notion
  • Progression
  • Finale Notepad
  • PDFtoMusic Pro
  • SheetMusicPlusDigiPrint
  • various other

Virtual Instruments/Plug Ins

Many and varied and way too many to list here

  • A range of virtual instruments, samples and libraries from Native Instruments, Garritan, IK Multimedia, Cakewalk, Roland, Session Drummer, TH2, Rob Papen, Studio Instruments, Kirk Hunter Studios, AAS, Izotope, time & space, and many more
  • Selected effects/plugins from Waves, Native Instruments, Nu-gen, SoundToys, IK Multimedia, Izotope, Redline. PSP, voxengo and many others - Audio to midi conversion software, etc

Various other bits of equipment

From stands, leads, pop screens, DI's, mic screens, mobile gobos, etc



News Updates

So on it goes...

Things never stop here, projects roll in and roll out - More information and some project samples can be found under the Production tab - or for current updates visit our facebook page ( If you are looking to book or discuss your project with us - (contact soon probably best as the forward diary continues to fill quickly)

Please browse through our website and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss any of the services noted.

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The Musicians Retreat

A B&B that has been set up specifically for those in the music industry.
Offering access to an onsite studio if needed.

Check out 

and contact us through that website.

Mobile Recording Services

PavMusic can now provide quality mobile multi-track recording facilities. Whether a corporate seminar or special occasion, or a live gig - contact Ian to find out how we may be of service.