Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Need someone to talk to your students, facilitate an intensive hands-on learning experience or, need a speaker at your next seminar???

Whether on site or on skype  - Are you wanting a speaker at a seminar or conference to inform, talk and/or facilitate sessions on

  • marketing in today’s music industry and doing business within the new paradigm,
  • social networking,
  • imaging, branding, style  - building value and the hype
  • making a career as a songwriter,
  • something related?????????

Then you might want to have a chat with me.

The above sounds a bit dry I know - but we do have a reputation for audience engagement, participation and entertaining, memorable presentations.

So what are some of the areas you might consider.

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Of course, there are variations and related topic areas that can be adapted to your requirements – just ask... but in the meantime, some examples ........

Utilising experience in business, marketing, promotion,

publishing and presentation…..


  • Working your music, interest, business in the new marketing paradigm - its different, but fun if get your head around it
  • Using the great, ever changing technology options to be different and attract attention
  • Driving value => Sales..... How does one link “all roads back to the sale” ....... and when (to have the most return) 
  • Exposure if not good....... is bad!
  • Dont be fooled - most people dont have imagination - if your image amd message dont fly, your business will die ......... and
    a specific example ..........Is the "demo" a thing of the past? It depends but mostly, yes
  • Social networking - personal vs business - difference and sameness  - being aware and being effective
  • Direct vs leveraged income - how can you make an extra 20c or more on every $1 of direct sales

Songwriters – is it possible to make a living from your craft?  YES

  • Do you know the various avenues of revenue generation for the songwriter?
  • What skills, knowledge, equipment, etc are needed to pursue each channel?
  • What is the real potential income and lifestyle if have the basics? And
  • What is needed to get started/have a chance?
  • What can one dream about - and that some are actually achieving
  • How can you use technology to really be out there and doing it? - build the hype

Utilising a number of years as a producer, mixer, mentor and 

adviser ……

For the recording artist or would be, the performance student ...... pre-production preparation and production tips…

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  • What do you want to record? And…. Why do you want to record in the first place?
  • What are the elements that you need to consider before entering the studio (and even booking it)?
  • Have you determined a realistic budget and time line based on a realistic sales/giveaway analysis?
  • How practiced and prepared do you REALLY need to be? And in what way?
  • What studio is going to be right for you?
  • Do you need a producer? What to do if you have one?
  • Do you need separate recording, mixing and mastering people?
  • Do you need to master at all?
  • Once in the studio, what do you need to consider? Timelines, changes, adaptations and allowances
  • Who should be listening, who directing and who should have the final say?
  • Some insider tips


And more  - just ask



Ian Pav Mentor/Advisory Service

Our 'Mentoring' or 'advisory' service can take many forms. The 3 most common engagements are-

A. A one off meeting that may be

    • checking how a musician/group is going in their career or project and assessing from an outsider's point of view, playing devil's advocate and ensuring the 'what ifs' or constructively suggesting changes or development to help things move along, or 
    • looking at a business within the industry and assessing current position, plans and pathways to the future
    • sitting in on a  project team meeting to offer observations, thoughts progression ideas

B. An ongoing 'check in' association

    • arranging  to meet with an artist or business on a regular monthly/bi-monthly basis to set up planned action strategies that they undertake, check in and assess progress to date, look at adjustments to and work out future steps to move forward 


C. A detailed ongoing assistance/activity partnership

    • Combining regular meetings with action that we take on in conjunction with that of the client

Our arrangements are flexible to suit the need of the client and also to be sure we are in a position of adding value. (for example, it is often of  no value to the client for us to be paid to undertake activity they could do with some time allotment)

Note: Usually, all meetings are preceded by some telephone discussion, information provided by the client, etc so Ian arrives at the meeting with some understanding of the situation and can make the meeting as effective as possible

For example, if we are working with an artist to help develop their career some of the initial questions that may be posed might include:

    • Do you really know what you want from your musical activity for the future and why? ..... and how to get there?
    • Are you “getting out there” effectively with your networking, connecting, branding? Are you getting noticed? Are you spreading the word about what you do as widely and effectively as you could?
    • Are you aware and developing strategies to cope with the ever changing envirnment within which we operate in this thing called  'the music industry'?
    •  Do you know how to establish your social networking into a homogenous program across the various programs and manage that effectively (and efficiently)? … Or have someone do it for you?
    • Are you availing yourself of all the income streams (direct and indirect) from having your music out there?
    • How should your music be out there and how increase the opportunities for exposure and sales?
    • Do you really know what to do?


Our rates are based on time invested - however our motto is "whatever it takes" and all our clients are assured of getting 'bang for their buck'.

While we do have discounts at times (check out current deals under our Promotions tab) and do some concessional work for special causes...ates are structured based on service level, estimate of time involved and will be quoted based on your scenario and requirements.

All levels start with the ‘Establishing Your Scenario, (setting the scene and understanding) phase.
(Obviously this is the first step after  - the no obligation hook up to find out about the service and where we can assess whether we would be of use/add value in your situation - and you can determine if we will be right for you to work with). This phase includes:

  • Answering some questions like those above  - whether by phone, email or private network message
    The purpose?
    Mainly to really delve into the situation and need, understand each other and really get a handle on the goals and 'dream'.
    Second, to allow us to analysis and discuss specific issues uncovered directly, and develop a framework to the path going forward.

  • From that Ian develops a picture of 
    – where you are now, where you want to get to and what stands in the way
    -  Perusal and understanding of the completed information, analysis and possible suggestions/”first thoughts”

If, from that initial information and assessment, Ian can offer input over the phone or does not believe he can add value to the situation, a phone call will complete the involvement and no cost will be incurred by the client.

If there is opportunity to be of assistance - then this will be discussed via phone or email and a meeting arranged.

For those we are having a one off meeting with - this makes the meeting more fruitful and better value.
For those we are working with in an ongoing manner  - this establishes a basic background and action plan document that we can use as an agreed basis from which to move forward.

  • All interaction/meetings are followed by a confirming email detailing information, plans, actions agreed on in the meeting

Of course for any client who is located interstate or overseas, often interaction and meetings can be easily be conducted through Skype and other facilities, negating any travel fee.

Mentoring/Business Advisory Service levels.

  • One-off discussion and input meeting
    This covers the intial general pre-meeting questions, travel and time together. Ideal for the person who can take action and work out plans for themselves but needs some information about other options, a one off check in and development/action plan or with a specific need/situation that needs addressing. Or the self starter who already has a good understanding of themselves, where they are in the music industry and what is needed to move forward – but just needs someone who is independent and experienced to bounce things off or tap into more expertise to help.

    NOTE: The charge to you does not include ou research time, we believe we should 'know our stuff' or have quick portals to find out - so our rates are for the actual face-to-face meeting time - which is why it may appear high to some. 

  • One-off Detailed extensive analysis of business/career current situation - flat fee
    This takes the intial question analysis to a completely different level and is usually undertaken by a more developed business.
    It would include a full assessment, detailed meeting, financial/activity assessements, SWOT analysis etc with a following report.

    The fee for this service is based on the business size and time commitment  - but starts at $200 (plus travel time if more than 1 hour from Rosebud). 

The following ongoing arrangements are limited in the number of clients so that Ian can assure time is committed and consistent assistance over time is assured

  • Monthly retained “check in” and advice        (6 clients only at any time)
    This service level is for the person who, while preferring to do it themselves, may have a number of options/avenues pursuing and there is a need to be in touch with someone regularly  to consider where things have moved to, bounce ideas off, investigate, get opinions.
    Or maybe they struggle to maintain the momentum and focus and feels having someone ‘check in on them’ each month will keep them on track as well as allow discussion on adaptation to plans that may be needed due to changing circumstances.

    This service arrangement is for an initial minimum commitment (on both sides) of 6 months (and then in blocks of time to be agreed). The purpose of this being to ensure that clients are working their plan in a focussed manner over time (otherwise they might as well go to the casual arrangement) and to give some certainty in time commitment and schedules to both parties.

    The fee for this service is determined on averaging out the amount of contact needed monthly. For some it may be a quick 15 minute phone call, for others it may be an hour or so once or twice during the month. As there is a block of time considered – specific agreed schedules will be calculated at out ‘block time rate (1-2 hours a month has been our average retention in this service level).

  • A fully involved mentor arrangement ("like a partner but not")      (2 clients only at any time)
    This full mentoring/advice arrangement is usually engaged by those clients who...  
    - Are newish to the industry but want to give it the best chance possible to succeed,
    - Are independent artists (whether full time or part time) with a good work ethic but not a lot of experience in the business
    - May be experienced but wanting to move into a new area ,
    - Are looking to rebrand, set up their promotion, social networking presence in the right way, commence growth strategies.

    As an analogy -  we become like a partner with you in your journey, not legally but emotionally connected with you, not physically in your office but there when needed, with all the kept confidences and information, sharing your desire to grow, move or succeed as long as you need us there.    

    You basically get access to Ian, (his time and expertise, his resources and networks) as required with some planning, during normal business hours over the month (planned so other commitments, studio time etc is allowed for).
    As part of that there is an agreed schedule of:
    -   Skype hook ups (or face to face if/when in the same city) – frequency as needed and agreed
    -   phone hook ups (as well as a number of unplanned contacts) – frequency as needed and agreed
    -   unlimited (within reason) email exchanges (with replies guaranteed within a specified turnaround time
    -   background investigation and resourcing of information, answers and option detail
    -   consultation with and possible introduction to appropriate network contacts who would help
    -   other facilitation as needed
    -    other options as discussed and relevant for your individual need    

    This service level obviously requires a high level of commitment on Ian’s time, thinking and resources to be of maximum service to you. 


Please note:
While we have a background in business and general matters, we are not, nor claim to be, accountants or lawyers. Our mentoring along with any advice we offer is in relation to ‘being in the music industry’ and progressing your career forward. So, while discussion may raise some reference, ideas or possible issues about finances, fees, even structures etc - any information of a legal, accounting or finance matter should be checked with your personal financial advisers to determine appropriateness within your overall individual situation. For example, in a number of circumstances the above fees may be tax deductible as part of your marketing, promotion, business advisory expenditure – but this needs to be determined with your financial advisor to ensure entitlement and subsequent claim is appropriate in your own situation.


Bit of Background – Remember you are not only tapping in to Ian’s years experience in the music industry – but also to his main stream business, marketing and administration background. Ian has knowledge, experience, networks and resources to help you achieve your future in this industry.

- 43 years experience in the music industry (part time and full time) as performer, song writer, to producer, event manager and adviser.
- Qualifications in business and trade (B. Bus and Adv Dip. In Export Mgmt) as well as music and other certifications.
- Many years previous experience in general business administration & marketing, management, marketing, trade and event management.
- Designer and lecturer of accredited courses in Music Industry Business and Event Management.
- Speaker at a number of industry events and conferences. Organiser of the Empower Your Musical Career seminar series.
- Facilitator and mentor to Master, Bachelor and Advance Diploma studnets at a range of institutions over time
- A reputation for problem solving and solution development with many small business and music industry clients in the past. 
- Client focussed solutions and options personalised to the individual’s need and circumstances. 
- PavMusic is a registered publisher with APRA/AMCOS and label with ARIA. 
- More on Ian's background can be seen in the tab and subtabs on the website

Contact us to find out more.
An initial no obligation, no cost discussion will help us determine whether we feel we can add value and effectively assist you to move forward, and you determine if this service is right for you.


Non-exclusive Publishing - the Sync Group

The sync group has been established to provide a three-fold quality service to the corporate, film, TV, video and advertising markets:

  • Contract composition and production,
  • Sync Stable of Artist songs, and
  • Production Music

See more HERE


What Ian Pav & PavMusic don't do?

  • We are not booking agents (if we help you get a gig its ancillary to what we normally do)
  • We are not artist 'managers' (we help with promotion, some rep work and consulting/mentoring, but we are not 24/7)
  • We do not do '360' deals (all our remuneration arrangements are based on the specific areas we have agreement to promote and the business we generate)
  • We are not solicitors or accountants (we understand a lot of the implications for an artist working in the business but always recommend clients get proper legal and accounting advice)
  • We are not graphic designers (we know what looks good but cant do everything) nor a pressing house (but can facilitate that for clients).... and can refer to most services we dont handle in house



PavMusic Production Rates

"Production" can incorporate everything from pre-production to mastering to bring your song, EP or album to fruition and an appropriate final result.

Our rates are based on time invested - however our motto is "whatever it takes" and all our clients are assured of getting 'bang for their buck'.

So whether a demo, utilising Ian Pav as your project producer, online mixing requests or more, why not check out what we may be able to do for you


While we do specials, have discounts at times (check out current deals under our Promotions tab) and do some concessional work for special causes...below will give you an indication of our standard rates. 

For productionProduction Group

  • One off 1 hour                                                                                                                         $200 
    (lets be serious, it's never just an hour there is always preparation and follow up
    ...and always gaps between short appointments so unbillable time )
  • Half day                                                                                                                                   $400
    (basically rate drops to $100 per hour equivalent for min 4 hrs)
  • Full day bookings     (8-10 hours or equivalent in blocks   - equalting to $62.50 per hour     $500
    ($1000 per day if using someone elses studio and incorporating that into my fee)

 But again these are just an indicative guide - as deals may be done and if all prameters are known, we will quote a 'job rate' to help people budget their overall spend  - but this requires clients to have a very good understanding of their needs, budget and be realistic with their end product goals within that.

For example  consider a full commercial quality production as the end result of a project.
- if a couple of really competent session players are involved each would be $150-250 per song,
- mastering is $90-150 per song,
- there may be the possible need of extra studio hire for specific need (eg. grand piano, harp, real string or brass  section),
- there is possibly a producer helping with preproduction,  arrangement etc. ..or a separate mixing engineer might be appropriate.....
So you can see that is is very easy when looking at that level of desired outcome - for $800, 1000 or significantly more per song to be the required spend...but again that is the full package to compete at the highest level of end product.

By the way - To book Ian purely in the capacity of your producer overriding the whole project with other studios, engineers, is $120 per hour

Rates for other service areas such as song composition, co-writing, sound design, etc can be discussed based on need parameters.


# If time blocks booked is looking to go over more than 4 days we do offer a 20% discount on the day rate above
# We are now offering a 10% reduction of the agreed fee if  transfer of equivalent value (on the day) of #BTC or #ETH is the payment method


Payment Methods

Payment and terms will be contained in the invoice generated after initial discussions and agreement to proceed.

Payment can be made via
- EFT to our nominated bank account
- Mastercard or Visa through our ancillary business merchant facilities (at this time we will absorb any merchant fees)
- OR as noted transfer of equivalent value (on the day) of #BTC or #ETH in the normal manner 

So how does it work?

It’s easy!  Contact us to discuss your situation and proposed project requirements!  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


 For more information and to discuss your requirements contact us.

Advisory, Speaking and Information Experience Background

Ian has a wealth of experience to draw on:Ian Pav


  • Qualifications in business, marketing, export marketing and administration as well as music and training,
  • 43 years experience in the music industry in various capacities from performance to production, event organisation, marketing, lecturing, advice and mentoring, publishing
  • Many years experience in marketing, event management, promotion, fund raising and administration,
  • Numerous public speaking, facilitation, seminars and lecturing engagements,
  • Operated own marketing consultancy and export trade operation in conjunction with other businesses for a number of years


Specifically, some of the past and ongoing areas, of activity include:

  • 6 years delivering mentoring advice and input to Master and Bachelor music students at Excelsia College Sydney
  • Contracted to deliver music business masterclasses for students at Abbey Road Institute Melbourne (as of August 2016)
  • Designed and presented Music Industry Business short and long courses (up to Degree unit level)
  • Designed and presented Event Management short and long courses (up to Diploma unit level)
  • Designed and presented numerous lectures and talks on social networking, marketing, future trends in the music industry and aspects of 'being in the business' to various music industry interest groups
  • Organised and speaker at a number of full/part day seminars on marketing, music business and social networking within the context of the overall day (some examples under the events tab on the website)
  • Dinner and conference speaker on a range of topics and areas over the years
  • Consultant and independent advisor to a number of institutions about ideas, pathways and future directions– and consults and mentored students and emerging music industry participants on career paths and promotion ideas
  • Has operated as a contract producer for clients for the last 10 years full time (see more information on the website)
  • Represents and helps promote a limited number of artists and acts (Ian only takes on one ‘act’ per genre at any one time to ensure no conflicts)
  • Publishing arm of the business working in the licensing/sync market area (see Sync group tab on the website)
  • A number of emerging artists utilise Ian's song assessment service offering (see the testimonies under that tab on the website)
  • Previous event management from multi-artist gigs, fundraising dinners, gigs, general interest through to large corporate events (event management history under the tab on the website)
  • Is widely networked within the industry and has a good reputation for problem solving, idea creation, and 'getting it done
  • Constantly ensuring he maintains an up to date status on trends and aspects of how business is being done in today’s ever changing environment
    (details and references available on request)

Specific client references available on request.

Do some of these areas sound as though they might be applicable to you - great. However, if not dont worry, each situation and client has their own requirements............ so every course, talk or idea is built and developed with the specific audience/client in mind. Ian has proven on many occasions he can not only integrate and investigate associated areas of interest if required, but can communicate his findings effectively.


News Updates

So on it goes...

Things never stop here, projects roll in and roll out - More information and some project samples can be found under the Production tab - or for current updates visit our facebook page ( If you are looking to book or discuss your project with us - (contact soon probably best as the forward diary continues to fill quickly)

Please browse through our website and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss any of the services noted.

Click on our facebook page in the feed above and 'like' for more day to day news 

In our blog over at we have some general ramblings but also some music industry and marketing, business posts under their category headings - please join us and subscribe to be made awar fo future article posts.

There is also out our little ebook - 'So You want to be a Music Producer' - rather than a 'do this, do that' book of which there are many already - this is more about the thinking, mindset and skill sets needed as well as some personal experience examples.  Check it out at



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The Musicians Retreat

A B&B that has been set up specifically for those in the music industry.
Offering access to an onsite studio if needed.

Check out 

and contact us through that website.

Mobile Recording Services

PavMusic can now provide quality mobile multi-track recording facilities. Whether a corporate seminar or special occasion, or a live gig - contact Ian to find out how we may be of service.