Saturday, November 26, 2022

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Have you been looking to get away into a creative environment with access to a professionally designed studio to create your next musical project?

The Production Pit Studio along with The Musicians Retreat B&B might be the answer you are looking for - Accommodation and studio on one property!

Ian and Deb Pav live on a 1 acre property in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula Victoria.

​As well as established gardens and a pleasing creative space they have established their businesses here. 

  • The Musicians Retreat B&B has been operating for 3 years and consistently receives 9.8-9.9 out of 10 reviews on booking com.
    3 offerings (4 beds). Check out more at

  • The Production Pit is the hub of Ian’s music business of 42 years ( An architecturally designed acoustically treated production suite (large control room and vocal/instrument room) in a totally soundproof structure.

We are now offering studio & accommodation packages that may be of interest to you.  Contact Ian to discuss your requirements.



“Change” has become a integral part of today’s music industry.       

It has been my experience that a lot of people in the music industry run their music business in a very haphazard, shot gun, ‘now’ thinking way. They react to changes after it happens - rather than being pro-active and directing their future the way they want.....-

Does this sound like you? Then read on.


For the business owner j0223768
Maybe you need a corporate theme, a company song to support your brand
or radio ad, a song to align with a product launch?

For the individual -Maybe you have a special event coming up?

One of “those” birthdays? An anniversary? Wedding?  A family member’s success celebration?
Want something special and different ....... .what about a song written just for the occasion?

Imagine a humorous ditty that makes fun of some events in someone’s life, a beautiful ballad that captures the essence of a special relationship, a rocking boogie that people can jump and dance to, an orchestral theme behind pictures of very close memories of a person or trip ........

Now offering 

Can you record your music but your mixes just don’t seem to get there?

A lot of people today can record very reasonable clean tracks but do not have the knowledge, experience or gear to turn those recordings into a quality competitive mix.

If this is your situation – we can help.
As an extension of our normal production services, and utilising dropbox, transmission & other facilities – PavMusic is offering a very reasonably priced ......

Online Mixing service.

If you can record the tracks -
we can mix them to high demo or even commercial level in most genres -
From as little as $200*

Contact us today!


Performance Analysis & Development Intensive

Specific to the individual and their need

Whether singer, musician, individual or small group
Beginner to Advanced level accommodated


 No different to many speakers, there are some singers who walk on a stage and

  • technically sing beautifully but fail to entertain, bring the audience with them on the journey
  • don’t sing overly well (or may), but have the audience in the palm of their hand from the first note or emotional phrase


The difference?

News Updates

So on it goes...

Things never stop here, projects roll in and roll out - More information and some project samples can be found under the Production tab - or for current updates visit our facebook page ( If you are looking to book or discuss your project with us - (contact soon probably best as the forward diary continues to fill quickly)

Please browse through our website and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss any of the services noted.

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There is also out our little ebook - 'So You want to be a Music Producer' - rather than a 'do this, do that' book of which there are many already - this is more about the thinking, mindset and skill sets needed as well as some personal experience examples.  Check it out at



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The Musicians Retreat

A B&B that has been set up specifically for those in the music industry.
Offering access to an onsite studio if needed.

Check out 

and contact us through that website.

Mobile Recording Services

PavMusic can now provide quality mobile multi-track recording facilities. Whether a corporate seminar or special occasion, or a live gig - contact Ian to find out how we may be of service.