Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Non-exclusive Publishing - the Sync Group

The sync group has been established to provide a three-fold quality service to the corporate, film, TV, video and advertising markets:

  • Contract composition and production,
  • Sync Stable of Artist songs, and
  • Production Music

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What Ian Pav & PavMusic don't do?

  • We are not booking agents (if we help you get a gig its ancillary to what we normally do)
  • We are not artist 'managers' (we help with promotion, some rep work and consulting/mentoring, but we are not 24/7)
  • We do not do '360' deals (all our remuneration arrangements are based on the specific areas we have agreement to promote and the business we generate)
  • We are not solicitors or accountants (we understand a lot of the implications for an artist working in the business but always recommend clients get proper legal and accounting advice)
  • We are not graphic designers (we know what looks good but cant do everything) nor a pressing house (but can facilitate that for clients).... and can refer to most services we dont handle in house



News Updates

So on it goes...

Things never stop here, projects roll in and roll out - More information and some project samples can be found under the Production tab - or for current updates visit our facebook page ( If you are looking to book or discuss your project with us - (contact soon probably best as the forward diary continues to fill quickly)

Please browse through our website and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss any of the services noted.

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In our blog over at we have some general ramblings but also some music industry and marketing, business posts under their category headings - please join us and subscribe to be made awar fo future article posts.

There is also out our little ebook - 'So You want to be a Music Producer' - rather than a 'do this, do that' book of which there are many already - this is more about the thinking, mindset and skill sets needed as well as some personal experience examples.  Check it out at



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The Musicians Retreat

A B&B that has been set up specifically for those in the music industry.
Offering access to an onsite studio if needed.

Check out 

and contact us through that website.

Mobile Recording Services

PavMusic can now provide quality mobile multi-track recording facilities. Whether a corporate seminar or special occasion, or a live gig - contact Ian to find out how we may be of service.